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Defence & Security Equipment International - London Exhibition

Defence & Security Equipment International - London Exhibition

"With over 1,300 exhibitors, DSEi is the key event for the defence and security community. It provides a unique platform to view the latest equipment and systems from the world’s defence and security industry, such as BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Finmeccanica. DSEi provides an opportunity for visitors to develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities."

That's how DSEi welcomes the visitors to their website and exhibition in London. DSEi is one of the biggest arms fair in the world where millions of pounds worth arms deals are done every year.

2011 has seen brutal attacks on civilian protestors in North African and Middle-Eastern countries by despotic dictators and rulers.

Iraq is still in turmoil and after the so called the end of war, which killed over a million people, and there is no end to civilian deaths.

We are approaching the 10th anniversary of war in Afghanistan... A war that has destroyed the lives of millions and has no sign of ending...

People in Cambodia, Laos are still dying from leftover land mines from the Vietnam War times.

Nowhere in the world, never in the history did war bring about solutions to any problems.  Using the language of “freedom” and “democracy”, imperialist powers destroy countries and people’s lives. Countries are bombed with modern and ever more destructive weapons to ground. The real victims of wars are always the ordinary people, civilians, children and the effects of wars last for generations.

While nicely dressed gentlemen and ladies exhibit their "defence" weapons in London, millions around the world suffer the consequences of these attack weapons. One has to wonder, how many people died in wars during the 3 days exhibition (16-18 September).

As we saw in recent times, in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Syria these "defence" weapons were used against citizens/protestors, killing many unarmed civilians. Most of these weapons were originated from international arms manufacturers who are exhibiting in fairs like DSEi. Gaddafi was sold over $400 Million worth of weapons in 2010.  Many of the rulers in the countries listed above were purchasing crowd control weapons. I wonder; did they see it coming?

People of the world suffer the real and daily consequences of economic crisis. Savage cuts are imposed on workers everywhere. Education, health funds are cut, public services are significantly reduced by governments who claim that there is no money to spend and that ordinary people need to share the burden of the crisis. In Africa, Somalia is suffering a horrible draught and people in their thousands die from starvation. Help somehow seems to be slow if existed at all. In Pakistan, yet again, flooding has destroyed the lives of many and no adequate aid is provided by their government that is spending millions on military equipment every year.

Arab spring started with protest in Tunisia because people had enough of the poverty they live under. They wanted a better life and decent conditions. Man and women went on to the streets in protest against their rulers. While ordinary people in Tunisia, Egypt and many other countries had to suffer poverty, their rulers spend millions of dollars on weapons. Instead of increasing the life quality of their citizens, these rulers modernised their armies. While the western powers spread the propaganda of their “freedom”, “democracy” and “liberation” campaigns, they supported these anti-democratic rulers/dictators, who were the biggest customers of western arms corporations. So long weapons were purchased and business was good, there was no need to worry.  We see world leaders now racing to visit the “new” Libya and bring the message of hope and freedom to people. It is not surprising to see that the very same leaders were providing Gaddafi regime the weapons. These very same weapons were killing Libya’s revolutionaries and these very same weapons were used as an excuse for Nato’s intervention.

There is money, and a lot of it. When it comes to buying arms, IMF, World Bank, imperialist governments are happy to give loans to their customers, i.e.  the despotic, anti-democratic leaders. Who pays for these loans for weapons? Of course the very same people against whom these weapons are used. It is the people who have to pay more tax, live under more poverty so that their rulers can afford these weapons.

People everywhere in the world, including in Ireland, Greece, and UK are told to suffer. Not only to suffer but also give away national assets, give-up a decent future for the children, give up democratic control over their nations finances. This all comes from the very same financers: IMF/EU/World Bank/Governments of US-UK-France etc. Financers who can strangle nations with tight terms and conditions but can fund millions of dollars of arms deals.

There is money and a lot of it when it comes to buying arms, sponsoring wars.

Surely like every product sold, the producers want them to be used and purchased again and again by the customers. Surely, if the customers are not consuming as much as the producers want, there needs to be advertisement and promotion campaigns to sell more... Surely the only way to consume weapons is wars. Surely wars must be great for weapons manufacturers and dealers. And then if these guys pay a lot of dividends to capitalists via their governments, surely there must be a lot of benefits for these powerful governments to start new wars. Not only they will control the regions with oil/gas and other natural resources, but they will also increase the cash flow from arms deal. If they keep spending more of the public money on wars then these private corporations will boom. So the public will owe billions and the private arms corporations will make billions. And then the spoils of the war will go to sister corporations like the oil in Iraq. Surely in short; war is good for these guys as well as the dictators, corrupt governments who will spend people’s money on weapons.

If the capitalist model is the same for a mars bar and weapons then we may get free mars bars at train stations and watch more wars on TV.

And, I don’t think is says on a F16 Bomber: “Use missiles in moderation. May cause a lot of civilian death”

We need to oppose wars and their fancy exhibitions. We need to argue the relationship between economic crisis and imperialists wars. We need to expose the reality behind the propaganda of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else.

...And we also should eat mars bars in moderation if at all. They are full of fat.

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