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Public Meeting: Abortion – As Turkey debates abortion, the struggle in Ireland and lessons learned

Event Dates: June 13, 2012 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Turkish Irish Association

Public Meeting: Abortion – As Turkey debates abortion, the struggle in Ireland and lessons learned

Date: Wednesday, 13 June 2012 | Time: 19:30 | Venue: Cassidys Hotel, Dublin 1

Sinéad Kennedy, NUI Maynooth
Elizabeth Martin ,Prolife Campaign

Hosted by Turkish Irish Association

I recent days, the Turkish Prime Minister, at various conferences, and during public speeches has announced his objection to c-section and abortion. He has publicly said that “he sees abortion as a murder”.

As the discussion escalated in the country, PM Erdogan went on to criticize campaign groups seeking answers for Uludere killings, and said that “You keep bringing up Uludere. Each abortion is another Uludere Massacre”

Uludere massacre happened on 28 December 2011. 34 citizens of Turkey, Kurdish civilians/cross-border smugglers were killed by the Turkish Air-force F16 bombardment as they were crossing the border from N.Iraq to Turkey.  Many of the dead were between the ages 16-20. There is an ongoing investigation on this and there has been to prosecution or resignations as of yet.

Recently, PM has announced that his government party will bring a new law to the parliament to ban abortion. The government party AKP has enough majority to pass this law.

Currently pro-life and pro-choice groups, women rights campaigners and political entities are engaged in a high-octane debate on this issue. Abortion is at the moment the biggest issue in the country.

It is seldom that Ireland and Turkey have a common current issue. The history of abortion debate in Ireland gives us a valuable perspective on this matter. Is abortion just a legal/biological issue? What is the right to life and right to choice? And the politics of abortion…

Surely there are some messages from Ireland to Turkey on this debate.

All Welcome!

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