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Marxism Festival Dublin 2011

Event Dates: November 18, 2011 - 6:00pm - November 20, 2011 - 6:00pm

Marxism Festival 2011 Dublin | From Crisis to Revolution!

Ashling Hotel,Parkgate St, Dublin, Ireland

We live in a crazy world. A world of opposites. Immense wealth accumulated alongside immense suffering. Moments of dazzling hope and mass protest and moments of shocking barbarity. We need to make sense of the contradictions and conflict of the world in order that we may change it.
The Marxism festival is a weekend of political ideas and meetings, culture and debate about the world we live and are actively fighting in.

3 days of discussions and debate of interest to every activist young and old.

Speakers this year to include:

Richard Boyd Barrett United Left TD
Alex Callinicos (author of 'Bonfire of Illusions'')
Wassim Wagdy (Egyptian socialist)
Laurie Penny (Guardian columnist and author 'Meat market- female flesh under capitalism')
Gavan Titley (author of 'The crisis of Multiculturalism: Racism is a neo liberal age')
Eamonn McCann (Hot Press columnist and activist)
Kieran Allen (author of 'Irelands economic crash' & 'Marx and the alternative to capitalism')
with speakers and activists from Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Sweden and many more....

Meetings on the Egyptian revolt, women's oppression, Northern Ireland, Chomsky, China and the world economy, the collapse of the euro and much more...

Ashling Hotel 18th to the 20th November 2011

To book a place or for enquiries contact James on 0872604143 or ring the SWP Office on (01) 8722682

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