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People Before Profit Alliance Announces its Dublin West 2014 Local Elections Candidates

“Home Office officials are being rewarded with shopping vouchers for helping to ensure failed asylum seekers lose their attempt to stay in the country, new documents reveal. Official guidance obtained by the Guardian shows that immigration staff have been set a target of winning 70% of tribunal cases in which asylum seekers are appealing against government decisions that they should leave the UK.”

A new political party has officially been launched in Ireland. The National Independent Party (NIP), defining itself as “similar to UKIP” of Britain, has been formally registered as a political party on 14 January. This date may well mark the beginning of an escalating racist debate on race, ethnicity, migrants, asylum seekers and the wider immigration issue; a scene we know so well from the political agenda and actions of UK’s UKIP.

Jim Cusack of Irish Independent reports that “the barrister wife of former Fianna Fail minister Barry Andrews received more than a €1m for briefs from the Attorney General's office to fight asylum applications in the past five years.”

A new year message...

Suddenly, there is a social media storm created by some angry customers and Marks & Spencer finds itself right in the middle of it. Various media in the UK and around the world report that “UK retailer faces boycott after report claiming Muslim employees can refuse to serve alcohol and pork.” Celebrity Atheist Richard Dawkins joined in the debate and attacked M&S over this issue.

UTOPIA is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time, a masterpiece. 2 hours, packed with extensive, historic, political and economic analysis of the conditions of the first Australians. Utopia does not just present the answers to the horrific question of 'what', but also, and more importantly, it gives the viewers a great insight to the more crucial question of 'why?'

"TWO TRADE UNIONS have today called on the government to provide support to organisations giving food assistance to people around the country so they can meet the demand on their services this Christmas. Today Mandate and Unite released a map with a county-by-county breakdown of food poverty in the country, to highlight this demand." (

If you are rich, powerful, at the top, racist, ruling countries and waging wars, you get to meet Mandela and tell on TV stations how much you ‘love’ him. If you are poor, exploited and oppressed, you fight for the things he fought; against the very same people above, who ‘love’ him so much.

Our world is an exciting, upsetting, joyful and a hopeful place. There are disasters, wars, oppressions and exploitations in a lot of places but there are also fight-backs, humanity, resistance and revolutionary struggle as well.

At times, it seems that all good things are lost and struggles are defeated. But nothing -fortunately- is just black and white. Defeat and victory seem to be co-existing in many places.

But a struggle goes on everywhere.

Today, December 7th was a good day in Ireland; a day of fight-back, solidarity and a well-taught lesson for the bosses on 'what happens when you attack workers' pensions and conditions'. M&S bosses received this lesson today.

In a statement today, Memet Uludag – People Before Profit Alliance local representative for Castleknock/Blanchardstown - hits out at M&S over what he describes as their ‘unnecessary and purely profit driven’  attempt to close their defined benefit scheme.


If you ever want to teach your children the meaning of the word hypocrisy look no further than our great business and political leaders... And think of wars, exploitation, workers rights, equality, imperialism and racism...

Today, there is a sense of joy among the EU and Turkish politicians; a joy that is shared and reported enthusiastically by the mainstream Turkish and European media. The main headlines give the good news in big bold letters: "Visa free travel for Turkish citizens to EU countries!" But wait! There is a much smaller, almost invisible sub-heading underneath this joyfully breaking story: "Readmission Agreement to be signed between EU and Turkey on December 16". Horror hits you!

I have been following (and I must admit, having a little bit of fun) @labour #LP13 on twitte

The burning to death of a horse in Tallaght is a horrific form of animal cruelty and also a clear proof of what the cutting of local public services and removal of social facilities could lead to.

Gezi protestors in Turkey were denounced by the Turkish government as 'terrorists', 'foreign agents trying to break the stability in the country', 'looters' etc.

Starting with the Arab Spring, social media has been the focus of many political debates and analyses. Books are written about social media and its role in social movements. Facebook and Twitter, among other platforms, have become the key focus of social and political analysts, as well as the new generation 'communication experts'.

Muslims in Ireland are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring war against them.

An anonymous letter has been received by Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin. The letter is full of hatred and threats beyond comprehension.

Discussions on racism often focus on education as a tool in fighting and eliminating it. One of the most repeated explanations for the cause of racism is identified as the ‘lack of education’ and therefore the lack of ‘understanding’ by racists of why racism is such a bad thing.

Last weekend we read on social media about the horrific racist attack on Alminna halal food store in the Cookstown Industrial Estate (Tallaght). The shop was broken into by racist vandals. It was ransacked, looted, doused in petrol and defaced with racist writings on the wall.

It seems our little island of Ireland isn't always a friendly place without the problem of racism and attacks on migrants. Just a short while after the horrific state racism against the two Roma families, a halal shop in Cookstown Tallaght has been attacked and vandalised by racists. The scenes from the shop are horrific. There are many racist writings on the walls, full of  hatred.

The horrible events of two Roma children being taken away from their families, undoubtedly, based on racial profiling, created a huge debate in Ireland. Thankfully, there were many organizations, commentators and citizens who were extremely disgusted with how the state (the Gardaí, HSE, courts and political leaders etc.) and some of the mainstream media handled these events. Although there were all sorts of racist and out of context focus on Roma people, it would be not an overstatement to say that majority of the people in Ireland expressed solidarity with the two families. (Am I being optimistic?)

Julius Caesar was the man who made himself the king of the Roman Republic (not the empire yet). Having no son, he considered Octavian as his natural successor. Octavian, becoming the Emperor Augustus of the Roman Empire, started something 'genius'; he discovered the power of images.