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A new year message...

"TWO TRADE UNIONS have today called on the government to provide support to organisations giving food assistance to people around the country so they can meet the demand on their services this Christmas. Today Mandate and Unite released a map with a county-by-county breakdown of food poverty in the country, to highlight this demand." (

If you are rich, powerful, at the top, racist, ruling countries and waging wars, you get to meet Mandela and tell on TV stations how much you ‘love’ him. If you are poor, exploited and oppressed, you fight for the things he fought; against the very same people above, who ‘love’ him so much.

Our world is an exciting, upsetting, joyful and a hopeful place. There are disasters, wars, oppressions and exploitations in a lot of places but there are also fight-backs, humanity, resistance and revolutionary struggle as well.

At times, it seems that all good things are lost and struggles are defeated. But nothing -fortunately- is just black and white. Defeat and victory seem to be co-existing in many places.

But a struggle goes on everywhere.

Today, December 7th was a good day in Ireland; a day of fight-back, solidarity and a well-taught lesson for the bosses on 'what happens when you attack workers' pensions and conditions'. M&S bosses received this lesson today.

In a statement today, Memet Uludag – People Before Profit Alliance local representative for Castleknock/Blanchardstown - hits out at M&S over what he describes as their ‘unnecessary and purely profit driven’  attempt to close their defined benefit scheme.


The burning to death of a horse in Tallaght is a horrific form of animal cruelty and also a clear proof of what the cutting of local public services and removal of social facilities could lead to.

Gezi protestors in Turkey were denounced by the Turkish government as 'terrorists', 'foreign agents trying to break the stability in the country', 'looters' etc.

Starting with the Arab Spring, social media has been the focus of many political debates and analyses. Books are written about social media and its role in social movements. Facebook and Twitter, among other platforms, have become the key focus of social and political analysts, as well as the new generation 'communication experts'.

Discussions on racism often focus on education as a tool in fighting and eliminating it. One of the most repeated explanations for the cause of racism is identified as the ‘lack of education’ and therefore the lack of ‘understanding’ by racists of why racism is such a bad thing.

The headline of the Irish Independent (21/10/2013) is screaming at us in big bold letters: “THE SOCIAL WELFARE CULTURE”

Whatever Enda Kenny will do about the social welfare in long term is to be seen, but it seems the first and most important task for the government is to get the society to recognise the 'problem' of our social welfare system.

Just for a few minutes:

Think of a country, where a consistent austerity program is ongoing for a number of years. Cuts are hurting people in every aspect of life and more and more people are becoming unemployed.

“Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has refused to intervene after a school banned a Muslim girl from wearing the hijab — a veil worn by Muslim women and girls.”

Switzerland: Double racism, double standards

Last week we read two seperate news items on racism from Switzerland...

The first one was about asylum seekers: “The town of Bremgarten in the Swiss canton of Aargau has banned asylum seekers from public swimming pools and sports facilities. The decision is symptomatic of Switzerland's increasingly restrictive asylum policy.... In a move described by the Swiss Refugee Council as "indefensible in both legal and humanitarian terms," the town of Bremgarten in the Swiss canton of Aargau has introduced several "exclusion zones" for asylum seekers, including public swimming pools, sports facilities, church and school grounds.”

Today, on 5th of August, the biggest and most significant court case - ERGENEKON - in Turkey, against illegal (obviously) military coup gang and counter-insurgency network, handed down huge sentences after a lengthy and complicated trial process.

Mass revolts and uprisings are, among many other things, also great fun, a very liberating experience.

Suddenly, a lot of things have happened in our lives, just as we were all getting ready for our hot Turkish summer lethargy.

The environmentalist agenda that emerged with the Gezi Park protests evolved into a much broader political struggle after the initial first few days of the protests. Police brutality and the dismissive political arrogance of the government, only served to anger many thousands and bring them out onto the streets. In the process, a lot of stereotypes were broken and a lot of clichés were proven to be totally wrong.

We will continue to discuss and politically analyse the events, but there are already a lot of lessons learned from this complex, multi-dimensional, full of contradictions, full of Byzantine games – struggle, that started almost a month ago. These were both practical and political lessons.

Şöyle bir teori koyalım ortaya: Bir ülkede, bir üniversitede verilen eğitimin kalitesi, o ülkede ve üniversitede akademisyenlerin ve öğrecilerin genel yaşamsal ve eğitim ile ilgili konularda yaptığı protestoların hem niceliği hem de niteliği ile doğru orantılıdır.

Berna Kirmit isimli Radikal Blog yazarı ''İdam cezasını savunacağım hiç aklıma gelmezdi' başlıklı bir yazı yayımlamış. Yazıda ortaya konan fikirlerin ve iddiaların aslında hiçbir tarihsel, sosyal ve hukuksal dayanağı ve idam tartışmaları açısından bir orijinalliği yok. Ancak 2012'nin Türkiye'sinde idam cezasını savunan bir yazı yanıtsız kalmamalıdır. Zira, idam cezası gibi toplumların vicdanını, hukuk algısını ve demokratik sürecini yakından ilgilendiren bir konuda yazılan herşey, yazılan satırların da ötesinde bir öneme sahiptir.

Fazıl Say, vurduğu tuşları tek tek ama özenle, çıkarmak istediği seslere göre seçiyor. Kendi bestesi neyse çıkan sesler de o. Oysa ki dünya 'çok sesli' bir yer. Kimi piyano çalıyor kimi de zurna.

İrlanda'da kürtaj anayasal olarak, annenin hayati riski olduğu durumlar dışında yasak. Kürtaj, ülkenin Britanya'dan bağımsızlığından bu güne dek çok tartışmalı olarak süregelmiş bir konu. Devlet, Katolik kilise, hükümetler, sivil toplum-kadın örgütleri ve siyasi partilerin topyekün içinde olduğu bir tartışma bu.

AKP'nin bölge milletvekilleri Başbakan'a, ''Uludere bizi zor durumda bıraktı'' demiş.

İzmir'in en güzide okullarından birinde okudum.
Lise zamanında yatılı arkadaşlarıma her gün bir günlük gazete getirirdim. Günün birinde yatakhanelerde arama yapılmış ve gazeteler bulunmuştu. Bizim saflar gazeteleri yatakların altında biriktirmişler.

Silahlar ve Çocuklar - ''Sadece 4 çocuğun bedeni tanınabilir haldeydi''