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Articles in "Anti-Racism"

Suddenly, there is a social media storm created by some angry customers and Marks & Spencer finds itself right in the middle of it. Various media in the UK and around the world report that “UK retailer faces boycott after report claiming Muslim employees can refuse to serve alcohol and pork.” Celebrity Atheist Richard Dawkins joined in the debate and attacked M&S over this issue.

Today, there is a sense of joy among the EU and Turkish politicians; a joy that is shared and reported enthusiastically by the mainstream Turkish and European media. The main headlines give the good news in big bold letters: "Visa free travel for Turkish citizens to EU countries!" But wait! There is a much smaller, almost invisible sub-heading underneath this joyfully breaking story: "Readmission Agreement to be signed between EU and Turkey on December 16". Horror hits you!

Muslims in Ireland are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring war against them.

An anonymous letter has been received by Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin. The letter is full of hatred and threats beyond comprehension.

Discussions on racism often focus on education as a tool in fighting and eliminating it. One of the most repeated explanations for the cause of racism is identified as the ‘lack of education’ and therefore the lack of ‘understanding’ by racists of why racism is such a bad thing.

Last weekend we read on social media about the horrific racist attack on Alminna halal food store in the Cookstown Industrial Estate (Tallaght). The shop was broken into by racist vandals. It was ransacked, looted, doused in petrol and defaced with racist writings on the wall.

It seems our little island of Ireland isn't always a friendly place without the problem of racism and attacks on migrants. Just a short while after the horrific state racism against the two Roma families, a halal shop in Cookstown Tallaght has been attacked and vandalised by racists. The scenes from the shop are horrific. There are many racist writings on the walls, full of  hatred.

The horrible events of two Roma children being taken away from their families, undoubtedly, based on racial profiling, created a huge debate in Ireland. Thankfully, there were many organizations, commentators and citizens who were extremely disgusted with how the state (the Gardaí, HSE, courts and political leaders etc.) and some of the mainstream media handled these events. Although there were all sorts of racist and out of context focus on Roma people, it would be not an overstatement to say that majority of the people in Ireland expressed solidarity with the two families. (Am I being optimistic?)

Julius Caesar was the man who made himself the king of the Roman Republic (not the empire yet). Having no son, he considered Octavian as his natural successor. Octavian, becoming the Emperor Augustus of the Roman Empire, started something 'genius'; he discovered the power of images.

Yet again, Britain is discussing the banning of Muslim veil.
Here are some of the arguments from some intellectuals, anti-Muslims and political circles:
- Freedom of choice and protection of young women from being forced to wear the veil.
- 'Modern British way of life' and the need for citizens to comply with it.

“Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has refused to intervene after a school banned a Muslim girl from wearing the hijab — a veil worn by Muslim women and girls.”

Switzerland: Double racism, double standards

Last week we read two seperate news items on racism from Switzerland...

The first one was about asylum seekers: “The town of Bremgarten in the Swiss canton of Aargau has banned asylum seekers from public swimming pools and sports facilities. The decision is symptomatic of Switzerland's increasingly restrictive asylum policy.... In a move described by the Swiss Refugee Council as "indefensible in both legal and humanitarian terms," the town of Bremgarten in the Swiss canton of Aargau has introduced several "exclusion zones" for asylum seekers, including public swimming pools, sports facilities, church and school grounds.”

19 Ocak’ta güzel şeyler de oluyor:  #antiFa19Jan

Fazıl Say, vurduğu tuşları tek tek ama özenle, çıkarmak istediği seslere göre seçiyor. Kendi bestesi neyse çıkan sesler de o. Oysa ki dünya 'çok sesli' bir yer. Kimi piyano çalıyor kimi de zurna.

Bir bürokrat çıkar bir laf söyler. Boyunu, haddini ve görev tanımını aşan bir lafdır bu. Laf unutulur ama etkisi kalır.

Laf unutulur ama bu lafın birilerine verdiği gizli-açık mesaj birileri tarafından unutulmaz ve bir gün tekme olur, yumruk olur, tokat olur gider suçsuz, günahsız insanların canını yakar.

Bu yıl Nobel Barış Ödülü "60 yıllık çalışması sonucu Avrupa'da barışı geliştirdiği" için Avrupa Birliği'ne verildi. Komite adına açıklama yapan Norveç eski Başbakanı Thorbjoern Jagland, "2012 Nobel Barış Ödülü'nün Avrupa Birliği'ne (AB) verildiğini" söyledi. Nobel Komitesi Başkanı Thorbjoern Jagland, "AB'nin 60 yılı aşkın süredir Avrupa'da insan haklarına, demokrasiye ve barışa olan katkılarından dolayı ödüle layık görüldüğünü" belirtti.

Cumhuriyet Gazetesinin 16 Eylül tarihinde internet sitesinden verdiği haberin başlığı ''Hatay'da Halk Ayaklandı'' şeklinde. Sitelerinin 'flaş' ve önemli haberleri veren bölgesine koymuşlar bu haberi.

Bu yazi, Türkiye Suriye konusunda ulusalcılarının ve ulusalcı sosyalistlerin bir eleştirisidir.

Tonight (august 29th) at 10pm TV3 will air “Irelands Bogus Beggars: Paul Connolly Investigates”. This is a program they showed last year and it fits in well with their attempt to be the Daily Mail of Irish television.

The Norwegian court found Anders Behring Breivik legally sane and guilty, and sentenced him to 21 years in prison, the maximum possible penalty in Norway.

The outcome of this trial should be welcomed. Echoing Unite Against Fascism's statement, “The verdict that Breivik was “not insane” means that the far-right cannot dodge its responsibility by claiming that its virulent anti-Muslim racism and anti-immigrant rhetoric played no part in Breivik actions”, we should also see this as a “legal certification” that “political insanity” of fascism and racism cannot be reduced to (and therefore excused as) “mental insanity” of the person.

After Norwegian killer had got arrested on 22 July 2011, the media eagerly followed him and tried to find out what kind of psychological problems he might have suffered. Psychiatric evaluations were published. Most probably various disputable claims on his psychological problems will be come up and discussed in the future. That may well be a common and understandable interest of all people, when somebody kills a large number of people in a cruel way and when it occurs in one of the most developed country in the world . However, as digging deep into the subject, we have realised that Breivik’s case is even more than a case of a serial killer so to speak.

Irish taxi industry, in general, went from bad to worse throughout the boom years of so called Celtic Tiger era and the following years of economic crisis. 10 years ago, there were too few taxis serving the public and we still remember the endless queues on taxi ranks on a weekend night.

Şu yaşamın doğası ne gariptir. Karşımıza karman çorman bir sürü şey çıkarıverir durup dururken. Tam AKP’ye bir açık mektup yazacakken, Hürriyet İnternet sitesinde Almanya’da ırkçı-faşist neo-Nazi örgütlerince öldürülen Türk (8) ve Yunan (1) göçmenler için düzenlenecek anma töreni haberini okudum. Ev sahibi Angela Merkel ve törende Nazım Hikmet’ten Davet şiiri okunacakmış.

Tesadüf bu ya, tam da bu akşam, İrlanda’nın Maynooth Üniversitesi’nde öğretim görevlisi, yazar, Dr. Gavan Titley’in konuşmacı olduğu ‘’Çok Kültürlülüğün Krizi?’’ konulu bir panel düzenlemiştik.  Gavan’ın yine aynı isimli kitabında ortaya koyduğu tartışmaydı bu panelin içeriği... ‘’Çok Kültürlülüğün Krizi?’’

Public Meeting: Immigration and Unemployment

Thursday, 12 January 2012, 19:30 until 21:00
Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

Public Meeting: Immigration and Unemployment.
Does immigration cause unemployment at the time of crisis and job losses?
Are migrants a cause for jobs losses for locals?

Speaker: Memet Uludag
(personal capacity)
Hosted by Turkish Association of Ireland

Followed by discussion and contributions from the floor

All welcome

We read from that Naas mayor 'to reflect on position' after race row...

Not one day passes by where we don't hear little, sneaky, provocative and plain open racist remarks, comments from media, public office holders and many others.

So is Naas Mayor FG. Cllr Scully a rcasis or not? Let's deconstruct his remarks in plain white English and see what conclussion we come to.

Fatih Altaylı, 22 Ekim tarihli Kaddafiye Üzüldüm başlıklı köşe yazısında, Kaddafiye yapılan linçten bahseder gibi yaparak bir sürü konuya değinmiş.

Elbette, aklı başında, demokrasiye, hukuk sistemine, suc-yargı-kanıt-ceza sürecine inanan hiçbir insan linç eylemine destek veremez ve kabullenemez.  Lince uğrayan, bu Kaddafi’de olsa, en temel insan hakları elinden alınmıştır. Bunun lamı cimi,fakatı, aması olmaz. Bunu söyleyerek gerçek konumuza gelelim ve Altaylı’nın yazısını deşifre edelim.