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A very inspirational and exiting international exhibition... Near you!

[...] is the world’s largest fully integrated […]  and […]  exhibition that brings together the entire industry to source the latest equipment and systems, develop international relationships, and generate new business opportunities.
Based in ExCeL, London every two years, the event provides unrivalled access to key markets across the globe.
Combining a high quality of exhibitors across the supply chain, networking opportunities and the ability to see new technologies first hand on the show floor, [...] provides an inspirational experience to nearly 30,000 visitors.

This is the banner of the website for an international exhibition.
Before we fill in the blanks above, let's pay attention to some of the things mentioned in this advertisement.
“The entire industry from around the world”
“Latest technologies”
“Developing international business relationships and business opportunities”
“Inspirational experience to nearly 30,000 visitors”

All of this sounds very exciting. This must be an event maybe for food industry or medical technologies,  or maybe telecommunications where customers from around the world can come, network, buy these technologies and then go home with inspirational ideas...

Wow! These surely would make our lives much better, with all these inventions and new technologies at the disposal of humanity.

Before we get carried away with these fancy concepts, let's fill in the missing words in above text:  'DSEi', 'defence' and 'security'!

This is the 2013, DSEi International Defence and Security Exhibition, the biggest of its kind in the world, held in London every 2 years. The arms fair – which will have 1,500 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors – is held with the support of the department for UK Trade and Investment as well as the Ministry of Defence.

Now, let's re-think the meaning of 'inspirational experiences of 30,000 visitors', such as presidents, heads of armies, private security firms operating in places like Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

What inspirational ideas will they go home with?

According to the campaign group 'Campaign Against Arms Trade', “they (the arms companies) will be joined by arms dealers, 'trade visitors' and military delegations, including countries involved in conflict and from human rights abusing regimes, as well as those with desperately underfunded development needs.

Around one in three of the world's militaries are likely to be at the arms fair. Adversaries will browse alongside each other for weapons to use against each other.

It will all take place in secret, behind heavily protected security fences and police lines - designed to allow arms dealers to trade their wares unhindered by transparency or public protest - and subsidised by the UK taxpayer.“

Since the last DSEi in 2011, the world  has seen brutal attacks on civilian protesters in North African and Middle-Eastern countries by despotic dictators.

2013 has been the 'YEAR OF THE TEAR GAS' in Brazil, Spain, Turkey and of course in Egypt among many other places.

Iraq is still in turmoil and after the so called 'the end of war', which killed up to a million people, there is still no end to civilian deaths.

Wait a minute! Aren't the powerful nations going into Syria because of the weapons Assad has? Oh, I see, those are the 'bad', 'dirty' weapons, that really kill people...

We have long passed the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. A war that has destroyed the lives of millions and has no sign of of ending, as the ever increased drone attacks continue to kill civilians.

People in Cambodia and Laos are still dying from leftover land mines from the Vietnam War times.

Nowhere in the world, never in the history did wars for domination and control by the superpowers bring about a solutions to any problem. Using the language of 'freedom' and 'democracy', imperialist powers destroy countries and people’s lives. Countries are bombed with modern and ever more destructive weapons to ground. The real victims of such wars are always the ordinary people, civilians, children and the effects of such wars last for generations to come.

While nicely dressed gentlemen and ladies will exhibit their 'defence' weapons in London, millions around the world suffer the consequences of these 'attack' weapons.

One has to wonder, how many people will die by these weapons during the 3 days of exhibition between 10th and 13th September?

Oh, I see. We still don't do body counts! Silly me...

As we saw in recent times, in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, and Syria these 'defence' weapons were used against protesting citizens, killing many unarmed civilians. Most of these weapons were originated from international arms manufacturers who are exhibiting in fairs like DSEi.

Gaddafi was sold over $400 Million worth of weapons in 2010. Many of the rulers in the countries listed above were purchasing crowd control weapons before 2010.

I wonder; did they see the revolutions coming? They must have...

67 countries were invited to send delegations to DSEi. In the list are Afganistan, Qatar, S. Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Ireland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, USA, Georgia and of course all almost all of the EU countries...

What the hell is our little Ireland doing there, rubbing shoulders with arms dealers and oppressive buyers? Don't we have more serious problems like hungry school children and half million unemployed people?

Interestingly, 9 invitees are identified by the UK Foreign Office as countries with the most serious wide-ranging human rights concerns. These are Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

Now we understand why Mr. Cameron was rushing to Middle-Eastern countries with his business boys from the arms industry on his side...
People of the world suffer the real and daily consequences of economic crisis. Savage cuts are imposed on workers everywhere. Education, health funds are cut, public services are significantly reduced by governments who claim that there is no money to spend and that ordinary people need to share the burden of the current crisis. In Africa, including oil and natural resource rich countries, millions live on less than 1 Dollar a day.

Arab spring started with protests in Tunisia because people had enough of the poverty they live under. They wanted a better life and decent conditions. Man and women went on to the streets in protest against their rulers.

While ordinary people in Tunisia, Egypt and many other countries had to suffer poverty, their rulers spend millions of Dollars on weapons. Instead of increasing the life quality of their citizens, these rulers modernised their armies. While the Western powers spread the propaganda of their so called 'freedom', 'democracy' and 'human rights' campaigns, they supported these anti-democratic rulers/dictators, who were/are the biggest customers of Western arms corporations. So long weapons were purchased and business was good, there was no need for any concerns.

We have seen world leaders racing to visit the 'new' Libya and bring the message of 'hope' and 'freedom' to people. It is not surprising to see that the very same leaders were providing Gaddafi regime the weapons used. These weapons were killing Libya’s revolutionaries and these very same weapons were than used as an excuse for military intervention.

- “Sure, Libya is long time ago. Let's not bring such things up.”
- “I hear you my friend, Jesus was 2000 years ago, let's not bring up Jesus then?”
- “Only joking. Leave Jesus out of it!”

There is money in the world, and a lot of it. Workers produce wealth, a lot of it. When it comes to buying arms, IMF, World Bank, imperialist governments are happy to give loans to their customers, i.e. the despotic, anti-democratic leaders.

Who pays for these loans for weapons? Of course the very same people against whom these weapons are used. It is the people who have earn less, live under more poverty so that their rulers can afford these weapons.

People everywhere in the world, including in Europe, such as in Ireland, Greece, and the UK, are told to suffer. Not only to suffer but also give away national assets, give-up hope for a decent future for their children, give up democratic control over their national finances... This all comes from the very same financiers who can strangle nations with tight terms and conditions but can easily fund billions of Dollars of arms deals.

There is money and a lot of it when it comes to buying arms and sponsoring wars.

Surely, like every product sold on the market, the producers want them to be used more and purchased again and again by their customers.

If the customers are not consuming as much as the producers want, there needs to be some advertisement and promotion campaigns to sell more.

 I guess, the only way to consume weapons is wars.

Surely wars must be great for weapons manufacturers and dealers. And then if these guys pay a lot of dividends to capitalists and their governments, surely there must be a lot of benefits for these powerful governments to start new wars as an industry. Not only they will control the regions with oil/gas and other natural resources, but they will also increase the cash flow from arms deal. If they keep spending more of the public money on wars then these private corporations will boom. So the public will owe billions and the private arms corporations will make billions. And then the spoils of the war will be shared among them, like the oil in Iraq.

Surely, in short, war is good for these guys...

These weapons are good for dictators and oppressive governments, who will spend people’s money on these, only to control the very same people.
If the capitalist marketing model is the same for a Mars Bar and weapons, as products, than we may get free promotional Mars Bars at train stations and watch more wars on our TV screens.

And, I don’t think is says on an F16 Bomber: “Use missiles in moderation. May cause a lot of civilian death!” or “Fire sensibly, may blow-up children into pieces!
We need to oppose warmongers and their fancy exhibitions. We need to expose the imperialists wars and the lies behind these.

We need to expose the reality behind the propaganda of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now possibly in Syria, as well as everywhere else.

And, we also should eat Mars Bars in moderation, if at all. They are full of fat!
I don't ask anymore “how do these guys sleep at night?” I know, they sleep like babies thinking of their billions of Dollars.

I ask, “how can we build a better world free of imperialism and their wars?”

Join the anti-war campaigns wherever you are... Joint the genuine 'people before profit' organizations... Protest against wars, oppression and exploitation...

These seems to be some of my answers for now.
I wonder, what a Syrian mother thinks of these arms fair.....................?


PS: I GOT MY FIRST ANSWER TO THE QUESTION  - One has to wonder, how many people will die by these weapons during the 3 days of exhibition between 10th and 13th September? Just as I finished this article, 22 year old yound protestor Ahmet Atakan in Turkey has been killed by a tear gas canister that hit him in the head, fired by the police at  a close range.

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