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Tony Blair: From War to Racism

Seeing the news headlines on Tony Blair, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Blair to combat anti-Semitism and racism in Europe? It must be a joke!”

Unfortunately, it is true!

Since 9/11, arguably, Tony Blair has been one of the most ‘successful’ people in creating a global atmosphere of hate, racism, Islamophobia. And he is now to become the chairman of an organisation that claims to combat anti-Semitism and racism in Europe.

He will join the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation.

Since the end of his job as the UK prime minister, Tony Blair’s career and personal wealth has been a string of ‘success’ stories but his real mark in the history comes from his ‘achievements’ as part of his role in the ‘war on terror’ campaign. 

It all began in 2001, with the war in Afghanistan… Tony Blair entered the US led coalition to invade Afghanistan. Remembering what he had said, it all seems like a joke.

There are three parts, all equally important, to the operation in which we are engaged; military, diplomatic, and humanitarian.”

Blair’s real hit was the invasion of Iraq In 2003… No other leader had such skills and capacity to cheat and lie, in order to justify – yet another – bloody war and invasion. Blair and his government run a systematic campaign of warmongering despite the very popular anti-war sentiments in the UK and around the world. Blair didn’t want to listen to millions of people saying “NO!” to war.

Blair, the ‘peace man’ in the Middle-East?

Having caused years of blood and destruction in the Middle-East, in 2007, Tony Blair was rewarded with the job of Middle East Quartet’s (US, UN, EU, Russia) Special Envoy to mediate the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

7 years on, we have seen the repeated bombing of Gaza and the evermore suffering of the Palestinian people. In December 2012, Palestinian officials said that Tony Blair shouldn't take it personally, but he should pack up his desk at the Office of the Quartet Representative in Jerusalem and go home. They said his job, and the body he represents, are "useless, useless, useless".

Syria and Libya: the many faces of Blair

A Freedom of Information request by The Sunday Times in 2012 revealed that Blair's government considered knighting Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in 2002. The oppressive dictator was granted audiences with the Queen and the Prince of Wales and lunch with Blair at Downing Street.

But, in 2013, the ex-prime minister changing his mind said,

West must stop 'wringing our hands' and protect Syrians from Bashar al-Assad and al-Qaida affiliates…

Blair had been on friendly terms with Colonel Gaddafi, the oppressive ruler of Libya, when sanctions imposed on the country were lifted by United States and United Kingdom.

Written in 2007, Tony Blair's letter to Colonel Gaddafi revealed the collusion between UK and Libyan regimes. 'Dear Muammar’ he wrote. The former prime minister thanked Gaddafi for the 'excellent co-operation' between the two countries and apologised for failing to deport the tyrant's enemies. Blair used visits to Libya after he left office to lobby for business for the American investment bank JP Morgan. According to Blair secured a $513 million gas exploration deal in Libya for Royal Dutch Shell.

So far, Blair has had a career full of wars, occupations; failed peace envoy jobs and mingling with dictators and big corporate powers.

He is now moving onto a new career: ‘Racism’. But it seems his bosses have not read his CV.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq killed hundreds of thousands of people, displaced millions and caused tens of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees.

Both states have been total failures for their own peoples. Millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan live in dire conditions under extreme poverty, sectarian fighting and without much hope for a speedy solution to their problems.

Millions of Palestinians live as refugees.

War, occupation and the ongoing conditions in the Middle-East have given excuse to terrorist acts in Europe by reactionary forces.

Today, it is widely accepted that the war in Iraq and the years that followed created the conditions in which ISIS has come to existence.

During Blair years and beyond, the ‘war on terror’ campaign has also given a sharp rise to Islamophobia and racism at every level in Europe.

Far right groups and parties have used Islamophobia and targeted refugees to mobilise racist support. Europe has seen increased attacks on migrants, asylum seekers by fascists and racist gangs.

EU governments have implemented racist, and especially Islamophobic policies.

In an article announcing his new post, Blair wrote:

"Racism and discrimination in the name of religion must be tackled with tough new laws"

Run by a group elites including former presidents, politicians and business people, the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) is a non-governmental organization that was established in Paris, France on October 7, 2008 to monitor tolerance in Europe.

A man that contributed so much to the rise of hate and racism is going to combat racism?

Only if this was a joke! But, it is not!

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