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Racism or Not?

Naas mayor 'to reflect on position' after race row

Let's take his words as reported in

"Cllr Scully said he made the decision to refuse representation to black Africans based on what he described as their "aggressive" attitude when making representations to him."

"So after a while I made a decision that I was just not going to take on representations from black Africans, that I would be very courteous to them and I would pass on their query to other public representatives"

All residents in Ireland (citizen or not) are voters in local elections. Some of the black people may have voted for Cllr Scully. As there is no differentiation between local election voters, based on race, gender, nationality and skin colour, there is no, and there cannot be any differentiation in services provided to the people in local councils. Cllr Scully , morally, politically, ethically and probably legally cannot simply refuse representation.

He may well have experienced aggressive attitudes from some individuals and he has our sympathy if this is the case.

But, what scientific, social research has he based his decision that "BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE ARE AGGRESSIVE". Is he saying that if you are black and if you are from Africa, regardless whoever you are, or whatever your individual issues maybe, you are black and therefore you are aggressive. And therefore I will not do my duty, as directly instructed by people who voted me in to this office.

So, are now all black African people in Naas, as certified by Cllr Scully, to be categorised as un-servable, aggressive, dangerous people. Hey, if this is the case, why don't we put a star sign on their chests so that people can easily identify them. Did Nazis not do the same to Jews? How about, for example, if there is an Irish born, or US origin black person in town. I think Cllr Scully really needs to make this "star" proposal given that he started this process. He is a public figure and we need to know what he really thinks and who he really is.

Does Cllr Scully mean, "NO SERVICE" if you are black and African. I am sure he knows his geography but is he excluding in his categorisation the white Africans. Is this sort of behaviour in the genes of only blacks or in everybody from Africa. Are for example Egyptians excluded from this? Come on Cllr Scully please clarify this for us.

Is Cllr Scully selfish? Why is he passing these aggressive people to his collegues? If he is worried about himself having to deal with these black people, does he not care about his collegues? Why is he passing this issue he has identifed (that black African people are aggressive) to his collegues? I think his collegues should ask him a few questions.

Is Cllr Scully worried about the origin/skin colour of people or is he worried about the aggression. If it is the aggression, what legal actions did he take against this aggression. Did he, for example, contact Gardai if there was aggression?

What woudl Cllr Scully do, if suddenly, because of an issue, a lot of aggressive white locals stormed his office to give out to him. Would he come out and say "I will not serve white originaly from Naas people, because they are aggressive". The logic suggest that he would say this. Given that he seems to know the aggression/race relationship and given that he knows that "if one black man is aggressive they all are, so if one white man is aggresssive they all must be".

Let's consider some other situations. Should now in Naas bank branches consider not to serve to black African people. If Cllr Scully has this luxury of choice, why should the bank teller not have the same?

Is Cllr Scully considering to pass a motion to cancel black peoples' drivers licences. Sure, if you are black and if you are African, then you are aggressive, you should not be driving.

Would Cllr Scully consider having a seperate area in public busses for black people. Hey they did in USA in 50s, 60s, didn't they? I think Cllr Scully should go to US and talk to some old white supremacist organisations to see how this was done there.

Things get even better. If Cllr Scully can personally decide on whom he is going to serve and whom not, should a nurse in the local hospital have the right to decide as well? Surely Cllr Scully does not think he is the only public servant with such freedom of choice.

The last few weeks in Ireland have been interesting. We started with the Islamophobic documentary on RTE by Ian O'Doherty. Then we read about the "Islamist extremists" in Egypt in Tahris Square. And now we have a Cllr who defines the services that he provides based on skin colour and race.

1920s - 1940s Europe is repeating itself. Racism is coming back in new styles, shapes and forms. As always racist say/do racist things and then they try to prove that they are good people and they are not racist.

In many occasions, these apologetic, after statements from racists are not realy to apologise to the victims of racism but to keep their seats, positions and salaries. They are not sorry because they are racist. They are only sorry because they are caught badly.

All of this reminds me of the FG Mayor of Limerick, talking about the eastern Europeans and how they should be sent home if they lose their jobs. What is going on with FG Cllrs? Did they solve all local issues? Are their streets clean? Are the small businesses, schools, hospitals, social facilities, libraries in brilliant shape and the only issue remaing for them to tackle the immigrants? What is going on?

In this country we cannot allow the build-up of racist sentiments at any level. We have to democratically, politically fight against racism.

Seemingly. Naas mayor 'to reflect on position' after race row. People will also do this. People will reflect on his position. But for him the reflection time is over. He has one specific action to take. No, not an apology, but an immediate resignation. He is not fit, right and appropriate for his position.

And he needs to consider the effects of his - as a public figure - statements. What happens if a black boy/girl is beaten by a thug because they are black?

We need councillors who represent local people. Who serve all people. Who are non-discriminative, who are democratic and actively openly anti-racist, NOT THE OPPOSITE

It would be funny wouldn't it if Obama walked into Cllr Scully's office and he was refused entry...

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