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A new sitcom on the air: Breivik’s Media Circus

I have read some articles about Breivik’s case in the prominent Turkish newspapers recently. They gave a simple reason for Breivik’s massacre that he experienced some ‘tragic’ childhood traumas. One of the headings of the newspapers was ‘He massacred because of a Turkish man.’ According to the report, Breivik testified that the father of one of his friends, a Turkish diplomat, destroyed his bicycle when he was 7. A Pakistani vatman slapped him because Breivik, at 15 at that time, was leaning over the subway train. All those childhood incidents shaped his attitude towards the Muslims.

I do not know what to think about all these cheap and shallow news. Frankly speaking, I was not surprised, as a matter of fact, this is what I have expected. But I am still unable to stop myself from questioning about the purpose of these sort of news. Is it convincing that Breivik killed innocent, young and leftist Norwegians because of his sad childhood experiences? If so, why would not he have killed the Muslims, who seemed the reason of his horrible and unforgivable deeds? In addition to them, should we conclude that everybody would have the right to kill each other, if they had some bad experiences in their childhood or adolescence? If yes, I am afraid that the human race would be wiped off the face of the earth soon.

It is obvious that the media attempts to manipulate us as usual and to waste our time publishing such silly and popular news while we need transperancy in Breivik’s organised case in all respects. It is the time to clear up the mess and to explain some behind the scenes. Otherwise, we have to endure all the terrorist attacks, considering what sort of traumas children in Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan and so on have been experiencing for ages while their parents and relatives are mercilessly killed, raped and tortured every day. That is for sure that the media is never going to show mercy to them in the slightest degree as they have showed to Breivik so far.

To sum up, we are sick and tired of hearing of Breivik’s five star jail cell and his psychological disorders. All we want is a piece of truth.

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