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New independent news and current affairs website: Minor Details | News

New independent news and current affairs website: Minor Details | News is launched in Dublin
Minor Details | News
Minor Details | News

The minor details surrounding us. Details, that won't event get reported on main stream media. Did you ever wonder who and what decides on whether something is minor to ignore or major enough to report? 

Did you ever come accross something that media called minor but it had major affect on people lives?

Did you ever wonder why some things get published/reported and some others  not?

We don't need to be well-known and experienced writers or journalist to express views and report on things surrounding us and affecting our lives.

We don't need to always see the world through the decisions of news editors and presenters who tell us what is wordy of watching & reading and what is not.

Minor Details | News is a community based website reporting on news around the world. We will be publishing articles/opinions from writers and individuals who sign-up to the values of this website and group. We aim to expose the "minor details" in life that have major affect on out lives and and our future.

We hope to get writers/reporters who will be people from all backgrounds and life experiences.  Our objective is to be the platfrom for people who have opionons to share and news to reportt; from local communities to world affairs; from politics to arts to technology.

We aim to be an alternative, free and independent platfrom for news and opinions.

Minor Details | News is anti-racist, anti-war and anti-descrimination . It  is an independent website and is not linked to any government, religious group or political organisation. It is a non-sectarian, democratic organisation pursuing its objectives in a legal fashion.

All articles published on the website represent the views of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the views of all other people involved in this website.

Articles with fascist, racist views, supporting discrimination (age, gender, nationality, religion etc) and promoting hate will not be allowed to be published on the website.

The management and administration of Minor Details | News will be handled by a steering committee of volunteers [TBA]

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Founder: Memet Uludag, 01 August 2011
Editor(s): Mark Commins, Memet Uludag, Niamh OMalley
Steering Committe: Memet Uludag (Chair), Mark Commins, Niamh OMalley, Faysal Tekoglu
Contact Email:

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