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Mass killing of civilians in Afghanistan... You don’t do body counts, but if you did, that would be the highest number in the world.

If a system fails, the responsibility lies with the leaders. And the system of war in Afghanistan has long failed.

As we are reading from various sources, the horrific news from Afghanistan, it seems to be the common theme that this was an act of a ‘rogue’ soldier killing people out of madness.

However early it may be, to get a full picture of this brutal killing, there seems to be a lack of deeper analysis and review - by the news reports - of the war in Afghanistan, now in its 11th year.

The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse. Especially for civilians who are living under constant misery of this failed and endless war. And the last thing we should do is to see this latest mass killing as an isolated incident without any reference to the “system of war”. Even wars have a system and in every system we need to understand the relationship between symptoms and the causes before coming to conclusions.

The official conclusion so far seems to be that it was an act of one individual and it had nothing to do with the wider consequences of the war and occupation in Afghanistan. Sure, there will be some hearings and investigation on this. We will probably read an official report and the soldier will probably be punished. But what about the war itself? Will any official report conclude that the war is lost and it is now time to get out of Afghanistan? 

There are a lot of practical questions to be asked to understand this latest - of many before - civilian deaths.

One has to wonder, how a fully armed staff sergeant can leave his military base and simply walk into a civilian neighbourhood to open fire to civilian homes. Are these military bases not access controlled? I know it from my own military service days. Even during the peace time, you cannot leave your base as you wish.

If the soldier had a breakdown (possible), is it not the responsibility of the commanders to monitor it and ensure that such individuals are not a danger to civilian society and to other soldiers? How are the army bases in Afghanistan run? Are things so out of control, that a soldier can do such things?

Is there not a systematic failure of the “war system” in protecting the civilian lives in Afghanistan? Surely the investigation and responsibility must go up the command chain, much higher up...

Is this just another example that proves to us that the war in Afghanistan has failed miserably?

Practical questions are important but not enough.

Mr. Obama,

You promised in your “yes we can” campaign to end one of the wars (Iraq) and fight the other wisely (Afghanistan). The war conditions in Iraq are far from over and you are not fighting the war in Afghanistan wisely. What is more, the cost of war in Afghanistan – both as human lives and financially - has increased and you don’t seem to getting any closer to a closure. We have long forgotten that this was Bush’s war. This is now Obama’s war and Obama’s legacy.

US, British occupiers of Afghanistan,

Have you not inflicted enough pain, suffering on Afghani men, women and children?

How many more deaths are required for you to stop this madness of war and occupation?

Not one day goes by without the world hearing about yet another tragic story (of your making) from this 'distant and lonely' land of poor people. Their deaths become just another number, added to the running total.

Their death children do not get honoured in stately ceremonies. They just become a statistics in Wikipedia.

Have you not seen the horrors you are inflicting on people? Is a decade and $4billion not enough for this war to come to an end? How much more human tragedy do you need?

Have you not inflicted enough pain, suffering on Afghani men, women and children?

How much more needs to happen before you understand?

Reports around the world state as: "A 'rogue' soldiers who killed 16 civilians including children" It is always one rogue somebody when it comes to your crimes and nothing to do - of course - with the whole system of your war. Do you think that we should be relieved thinking that it was just one rogue soldier, and say Thank god? We thought it was the war that kills civilians...

It is not just one rogue guy; it is the rogue war of yours that polluted the souls of your own soldiers and the human landscape of Afghanistan with generations of death, fear and poverty...

This killing will be the legacy of your war and occupation...

People of the world,

Close your eyes and just imagine: If one individual had inflicted such horror, pain to white-western civilians? Just imagine how the world would shake and history would be re-written. But then, the Afghani children, butchered in the middle of the night, are reported as "Act of a rogue soldier"

World media,

I’ll give you a better headline: "The direct consequences of a 10+ year war and occupation - madness, civilian death and suffering". You can write the rest.

Sure we go to sleep now in our cosy beds and forget about all of these...

Sure, it's just another number, the dead Afghani children....

And "we don't do body counts" says a general in the blurred background of war...

Sure, you don't, but if you did, that would be the highest number in the world...

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