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Saturday 21st of March is the UN INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST RACISM. On this day people around the world will show their opposition to all forms of racism and discrimination. 21st of Marchis an important day to raise the voices of anti-racism and stand in solidarity with all sections of the society.

In Ireland a broad coalition of more than 20 organisations have come together to form a democratic and united campaign to mark this day and to stand up to racism, fascism, islamophobia, anti-Semitism and scapegoating of migrants and minorities. Our message is YES TO DIVERSTITY! We will assemble at CENTRAL BANK PLAZA at 11:30. We will have a diverse range of speaker before the march to the top of O’Connell Street. Details of our even can be found on Facebook by searching #M21. We would welcome all anti-racists people to join our rally and the march.

The challenges and struggles of people in Ireland and Europe continue on many fronts. Two of these struggles are among those that shaped the entire social / political landscape of countries across Europe and in Ireland. While on one hand the people of Ireland and Europe continue to struggle against the water charges and the wider austerity measures, on the other hand, the fight against rising racism and islamophobia has become an ever more important issue.

Recent Developments in Europe have shown us the importance of combatting all forms of racism and discrimination and the need to promote unity and solidarity among people everywhere. The crisis in Europe has been opportunistically used by racists to scapegoat immigrants and other minority groups. Ongoing wars, occupations and conflicts have fuelled racism and islamophobia.

Racism is used as a weapon to divide people and divert from the real issues ordinary decent people are facing. The call to celebrate diversity is a call to reject the racist division and diversion in every aspect of our lives while standing in solidarity and support with all oppressed groups.

People of Ireland have a proud record of standing in solidarity with victims of oppression and racism. The UN Anti-Racism came as a response to the massacre of 69 anti-apartheid protestors in South Africa. Workers of Ireland have a proud history of standing against apartheid.  We don’t have the same level of racist / fascist developments in Ireland as in some other European countries but we can’t be complacent. We have seen horrific examples of racism in Waterford, attacks agains African people, the handling of Roma families, islamophobic attacks and the ongoing discrimination of travellers. We want to reach out to the people of Ireland and stamp out all forms of racism, including state and institutional racism. We want to continue to have a society and communities that are proudly anti-racist.

The ongoing conditions of asylum seekers in Direct Provision System (DPS)must be addressed immediately. DPS does not work, it is dysfunctional and inhumane, and it must end.

While everyone would support the attempts by Irish governments to ‘normalise’ the status of the undocumented Irish in America, we would also demand the same humanism for the undocumented migrants in Ireland.

Islamophobia is a by-product of the wars and conflicts of the last decades. Irish Muslims should never feel threatened by this racism. We must stand in solidarity with all minorities.

Ireland must play a humanitarian and inclusive role in Europe in terms of migrants fleeing from war-zone countries, oppression and death. We don’t want to see more deaths at European borders. We don’t want to abandon children to death at sea.

Times are difficult for many people in Ireland. Austerity measures and cuts hurt many ordinary people. Migrant workers did not cause unemployment, poverty or homelessness. They are affected by the crisis in the same way as all other workers. We therefore reject scapegoating of migrants and promote unity among people.

Please join the rally at 11:30 before the #R2W assemblies at 1pm. Organisers welcome your banners, placards and flags.

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