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Lucinda Creighton's #RebootIreland

It seems we are going to have another political party led by the former Fine Gael junior minister Lucinda Creighton who is calling for a ‘reboot’ of Ireland. Lucinda Creighton is joined by financial commentator and advisor Eddie Hobbs.

Happy New Year Ireland!

First of all a small note on Mr. Hobbs: So, he wasn’t just an independent financial commentator when he visited homes to tell people how to manage their non-existent finances. He was indeed very political in his views of the financial world and that view is the view of Lucinda Creighton’s of this country. I wonder what he would say to the very same people if he got his dream job of finance minister. I don’t think we will ever know the answer to this question but we can almost guess it.

If Lucinda Creighton and Eddie Hobbs think that we are an old, second hand computer and all that is needed is a reboot of the old software, they either have no clue about computer technology or they are, what Einstein put it so well: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – politically insane.

I guess it is a bit of both, but probably more the second case.  You see, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Lucinda Creighton is part of and still represents the political elites in this country that were and still are part of the problem. This is not the first time that she tried to reboot the system to run the same old software on the same old hardware. The system is still crashing, and regardless of how many times you re-start, it is the operating system that keeps failing.

What is required is an upgrade to this old system, not a repeated reboot. And she may not know but there are now other alternative options, rather than these miserable, repeated reboot attempts. In computer world, for example, we have shared and collectively developed new software, called ‘open source’ or ‘shareware’. In human world we are now talking about ‘people power’ as the alternative to ‘privileged elitist politic of the top’.

Lucinda will have another problem each time reboots the old system. The virus called ‘neoliberalism’ that infected the system will just reload itself with each reboot. It won’t go away and the system will crash again. In the  worse cases, like when all reboots failed, a complete removal and a reinstall of the software are required.

Here is what Lucinda’s new Reboot Ireland website says:
• Ireland needs a new outlook and a new vision; you can be part of this journey to a better Ireland.
• Building an economy for entrepreneurs across the social, private and public sectors
• Building a new economy that supports entrepreneurs, employees and consumers of small businesses.
• Make the public sector public
• Give politics back to the people
• Creating a political system that supports freedom of thought, difference and independence.

And here is what her old party Fine Gael said in their pre-election 5 point plan document:

• Fine Gael believes passionately that Ireland needs a new start. That the only way to save our country is to change it. Fine Gael wants to do more than rebuild Ireland. We want to transform it. To create from the ashes of the old a New Ireland that is better, stronger and fairer
• Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the Irish economy and must be supported.
• Fine Gael is convinced that the public sector has a crucial role to play in building a New Ireland. Public service is about enriching the lives of people and helping the most vulnerable in our society, not about making a profit. But Fine Gael also believes that reform is essential if the public sector is to play a key role in Ireland’s future. While Fianna Fail and its banker and developer friends are principally responsible for Ireland’s economic meltdown, the reality is that many state institutions have either under-performed significantly or failed completely. That is why Fine Gael’s Reinventing Government document of November 2010 set out over a hundred proposals to make the public sector both smaller and better.
• Fine Gael believes that Ireland’s broken political system is at the heart of its economic collapse. That is why our New Politics, first published in March 2010, commits Fine Gael to the most fundamental reform of politics since the 1930s. In any Republic the people are supposed to be supreme. The people must be consulted on and involved in the process of political reform.
• Empowering the Citizen: Real Power to the People
• In the longer term the goal should be nothing less than the creation of a New Ireland in which the interests of the citizen, and not those of the public or private sector elites, are placed at the centre of politics and policy.

I guess Lucinda Creighton must have the soft copy of this old-forgotten document. It must be easy for her to copy-paste and edit the old plan. #NewIreland of FG renamed as #RebootIreland of #JustAnotherFGLucinda.

Will FG be asking for royalties for us of copyright material?

Ah, only if the reboot worked; but it doesn’t… The memory is leaking, the hard disk is corrupted, the CPU is overheated and the operating system is out of support, not to mention the old virus that kills the system. This is a total system failure...

Go on, Lucinda, Gowaaan gowan gowan gowan gowan, try another reboot, see it for yourself...  If you get a “Keyboard not found, press F1 to resume” message, just keep pressing…

PS – make sure the computer is connected to a power supply… Just saying!

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