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Mass civil revolts and uprisings are, among many other things, also great fun, a very liberating experience.

You discover another side of yourself, a feeling that was previously unknown to you, buried under the constraints of your daily life and your fears of all sorts.

Your relationship with your surroundings change dramatically. Not only in mechanical terms but also in terms of intellectual, emotional and political dynamics. Your city somehow becomes a place of less boundaries and less suffocating rules. These rules get replaced with collective practises of day to day operations and interactions. And you feel part of it. These, you notice, are not static, they evolve.

You feel, as it is normal, some fear, some confusion due to various uncertainties and unknowns, but you are always 'high'. This is not the 'high' of an intoxicated head but a high due to self belief; that also makes you more a part of a collective existence; a high that actually gives you a lot more clarity than you think, a high that makes you unselfish. It seems you use a higher percent of your brain...

And then you do realise that all those things, such as free world and freedom for ordinary people, solidarity among people, a different/new life that many said were not possible due to greedy human nature, are indeed possible. You become convinced that revolution is possible.

You learn a lot in the process. You do realise how much more intelligent, creative and productive you are. You relate more to some 'others' that you thought you will never understand. You share more with 'others'. Sometimes the 'extraordinary' becomes 'ordinary' and you do realise how people, who were always labelled as ordinary students, workers, women, men etc. are in fact extraordinary. You do see why the rulers want you think of yourself as an 'ordinary person'.

Revolts are hard work, but not the type of hard work you were asked to do by your boss. There is a huge difference: You don't feel alienated to your own labour. That makes the hard work easy and a lot more meaningful.

You say hello to many more people. You discuss a lot more things than before. You realise you haven't spend the hours, as you always did, in front of the TV, or you haven't done the same regular boring things you always used to do. But you don't miss them at all.

You are full of energy but you learn to control and protect yourself. You also help others to control themselves and you help them protecting themselves. It is not a control of 'imposed moralism', 'social rules' or 'unquestioned traditions', it is more a collective wisdom and social contract by people rather than laws of the rulers above you.

None of these happen quickly and without any pain but the process seems to be so natural and so humane, you don't mind a little bit of pain.

Your idea of leadership and hierarchy changes. You do recognise a different way of organising work, struggle and you do understand the true, genuine nature of leadership. It doesn't bother you to have leaders. You see the clear difference between your boss and the leaders in a revolt. You only respect the leaders, not because of a hierarch imposed upon you but because they have earned your trust.

Confusion and clarity live side by side in your head in each and every step of the revolt. You don't use your clarity of some things to suppress and hide your confusion of some other things. You become more open about the fight between your clarity and confusion. You seek help in trying to make sense of things. You share... You share your labour, you share your views and you share your food among many other things.

You know what, despite all the good-bad-ugly things in a revolt situation, revolt is a very 'romantic' thing, a very sexy thing. You love life any you fancy living it to the full extend.

Revolt is like the moment just before you are going to tell someone (after many months of shyness, fear, disbelief and failed attempts) "I love you!" and the following few seconds after you said it, those moments full of hope, excitement and relief of having said what you feel, how you feel.

Revolts are like you scream your love for life and your desire to change it. That's why revolts are so brilliantly 'human', deeply romantic and truely sexy. They are such an inseparable part of us. That's why they are like saying "I LOVE YOU!" to someone.

Once you say it, things are never the same as before. Regardless of what happens next.

You may get a kiss or a slap in the face It's worth the try...

Say "I LOVE YOU" at your earliest possibility...

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