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Horrific racist threat to Muslims in Ireland

Muslims in Ireland are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring war against them.

An anonymous letter has been received by Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin. The letter is full of hatred and threats beyond comprehension. See below for the letter (*)

It was posted but it is not signed and the sender or senders are unknown. The language contained is intimidating and extremely violent. It also makes a specific reference to the planned construction of a mosque in North Dublin.

The letter, among many other violent threats, states that “we will attack any Muslim man, women and child that enters any mosque in Ireland and especially if the new larger mosque is build in North Dublin. And our children will attack yours in schools...”

The recent targeting of Roma families, the attack on halal shop in Tallaght and this letter mirror the horrors of racist Golden Down in Greece.

It is evident from the letter that the mosque planned to be build in Clongriffin, near the Priory Hall site in North Dublin, is the main reason for this extremely racist reaction. There are people and some organisations who have been campaigning against Muslims and the planned construction of the mosque in the area. An interview with one of the campaigners was published in September 2013. (**)

This letter is unspeakably shamefully and disgusting. This kind of attack needs to be exposed, and public opposition to it needs to take place. The author(s) of this 'porn' claim to represent 'the Irish People' (whatever that imaginary monolith is) but that claim is an insult to Irish people. So it's not just Muslims that are being insulted.

Anti-racist campaign groups take this threat seriously and they stand in solidarity the the Muslims in Ireland.

We will report further details in coming days.


(*) Attached is a copy of the racist letter. (Click to download the letter)


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