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Is this all just about a movie?

US ambassador killed in Libya

With the recent killing of the US Ambassador to Libya during the protests against a film that is seen by the protesters as “anti-Muslim”, undoubtedly there will be questions raised about the freedom of speech. There will be debates on whether Islam is a tolerant religion or not. Experts will reignite the discussions on the doctrine of religion (Islam) and its suitability to democracy and modern life.

Let me state loud and clear: I condemn this killing.

No one on the left can argue for the killing of anybody. This is not something that one can defend. But this, without a wider analysis, would just be a mechanical view of the world.

The real freedom of speech issue (rather the lack of it) has been around for the people of middle-east, north Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq for over decades now.

The “war on terror” unleashed a brutal oppression and bloodshed on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. Manufactured concepts such as “The axis of evil” and “clash of civilisations” were some of entities of the propaganda of the US lead imperialist wars. Death, poverty, mental illnesses, thousands of orphan children and a misery that will last for generations to come have been the legacy of these wars. While H. Clinton suggested that they were liberating the women of Afghanistan, Malalai Joya (is an activist, writer and a former politician from Afghanistan) will tell you that those very same women “were on a frying pan and that they are now (after the invasion of their country) into the fire”. Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan will tell you first hand horror stories of the war on terror.

People of Pakistan, who even before the war were suffering in the hands of their dictators, supported by the West, are also getting their share of the horrors of “war on terror”.

Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali, for decades, were the oppressors of their countries and the people of the region. All of these were in direct receivership of western warfare and political support. While they spend millions on arms, their people were living in poverty with little or no democracy and freedom of speech. All of these dictators were supported by the US and the western countries.

We have forgotten when the suffering of Palestinian people started. We are used to their daily suffering and ongoing misery.

People, under these regimes and the ongoing wars/invasions/occupations suffered, and suffered horribly. Nothing has been “normal” for these people, not even the basic things that people in Washington / Paris / London would only take for granted.

Millions of people worldwide marched and democratically campaigned against these wars and occupations. These people were ignored and lied to. There was no democracy when it came to declaring wars. The original war mongers may have left the office but the legacy of their wars and lies continues to bring turmoil and anger to the millions in various countries. An anger that is deeply rooted in peoples souls. This is an anger that is NOT originated from their genetic make-up and it was NOT something that they were born with. The anger is NOT an aspect of their religion. This anger originated from islamophobia and a life under constant war and oppression. This is an anger originating from people seeing with their own eyes their own civilisations being destroyed in the name of “clash of civilisations”.

As people on the left would not argue for such a killing, they can also not tolerate double standards. It is not only Hillary Clinton who is heartbroken with the latest death(s), so are we. But then where was her heart when millions of hearts/bones/lives and freedom of speech rights were broken for decades.

Maybe it is now time for such heartfelt people in high places to realise (or rather to be told again by many opposing their actions) what they have been doing. It is time for these people to listen to the cries of millions of people suffering in far away countries as well as millions of anti-war activists and anti-imperialist people in their own countries. They should understand the horrific consequences of their wars...

Ultimately, imperialism, “war on terror”, islamophobia and poverty forced upon people are the combined cause of such incidents, not just a sudden surge of religious anger and hate towards the West. Absolutely not!

Why in gods name would a worker in Tahrir Square, bringing down Mubarak, would hate a teacher on strike in Wisconsin... We saw quite the opposite of this, months after months, didn't we. Madrid sent solidarity to Tahrir, Tahrir to Chicago, Wall Street to Tahrir…. Didn't we?

Please answer honestly folks!

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